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Leevi Hormaluoma
Leevi Hormaluoma
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Tuomas Nykänen

Before the start of your studies


Otaniemi's most used application for communication and information. Telegram, known as "tg" among friends, is definitely Otaniemi teekkari's most important application. In its basic functions, it resembles any messaging app, but its additional features have captured the hearts of the teekkaris. It contains, for example, stickers, and also works online or on a computer!

Telegram is also used as an essential part of informing fuksis, and we hope that all fuksis would join the Telegram group for AS fuksis and DSD fuksis also join the own Telegram group for DSD fuksis

Guild and Fuksis

AS guild is a special status association under AYY, which unites students of Automation and Robotics, Information Technology and Digital Systems and Design majors. The guild may also include students from other education programs who are interested in AS's activities. The guild organizes many events for its members, monitors their interests in the university's institutions and cooperates with other student associations and companies.

The AS guild receives about 200 fuksis every year, whose integration into the guild is taken care of by the guild's Fuksi Captains, assisted by the Masters and International Student Captain, the ISO boss and Tosi-ISOs. Together, these form the guild's fuksicommittee, ASPU.

ASPU is assisted by a large number of ISOs, whose tasks include introducing the fuksis to the campus and student life on their first days, and organizing entertainment for their fuksigroups throughout the year.

Fuksi points card

A fuksi who has collected enough points for the fuksi points card is entitled to receive a teekkari cap at the possible Wappu. Points are accumulated in several categories, including, for example, getting to know the teekkari culture, study-related events, and various volunteer activities at the guild and elsewhere. When filling out the points card, it's a great opportunity to get to know everything that Aalto University, AYY, the guilds and Otaniemi have to offer students.

Points cards are distributed on the first day of the orientation week. If the fuksis can't make it, they can get a point card from the Captains by asking later. The entries on the points card are accepted by the Captains, and you can always ask them about the points when the opportunity arises. You shouldn't stress about points, because if you get excited about things, they seem to come from every direction!



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