A very important week for our guild, Stimulaatioweek (the week of our annual ball, Stimulaatio), is next week and since there is an event every day, we’d like to make sure that everyone has at least heard of them all.

Monday 19.11.

Mopo’s singthrough

Vuos’juhla tullut on! Laulu soi, sekä raikaa!

Such are the traditional Stimusong’s lyrics. But how do other known and unknown AS’ songs lyrics and melody go? Come find out and enjoy songs and company at the annual ball week’s traditional Mopo’s singthrough! At Mopo’s singthrough under direction of the sextons we’ll sing through the guild’s own songbook, Mopo.

The idea of the event is to learn new songs and try to remember how the songs go, so you don’t have to know anything in advance. You can also buy the songbooks at the event!

After the songs, the singers have a chance to go to sauna, and at the sauna we’ll get to sing newer songs, that have not yet reached Mopo, from the Saunaläsy™ made by the sextons. There will also be snacks and drinks!

So on monday evening head to Otakaari 20’s big side where the Mopo will be sung merrily through!

What: Mopo’s singthrough (signing the whole songbook through)
Where: OK20 big side
When: Monday 9.11. 18 o’clock
Why: Because teekkari signs rather than well

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1127328914106072/

Tuesday 20.11.

Liukuhihna 2018 - mASk party

Have you ever dreamed of a party where you can meet new people and just lose it on the dance floor - anonymously? Wonder no more!

The legendary Liukuhihna, organized by the freshmen of the AS guild, comes this year with a mASk party theme! Feel welcome to join the party alone or with your friends and have a great evening with the AS gang as well as with students from elsewhere!

NB! There is a limited amount of masks given at the party. If you want to make sure you get a mask, arrive in time!

Where? Baarikärpänen, Pohjoinen Rautatienkatu 21, Helsinki
When? 20th of November 2018, from 9pm to 3 am

Dresscode: Black & White + mask

5€ in advance
6€ at the door
Badge 2€
Cloakroom service fee included in the price.

Tickets are sold at the Main building lobby starting on the 6th of November!

Student prices at the bar all night!

FB-event: https://www.facebook.com/events/340592530079779/

Wednesday 21.11.

AS 20v History’s publishing event

English speakers note: The history is in Finnish, so unfortunately if you don’t understand Finnish, you won’t be able to get much out of this.

How has the guild’s freshman upbringing advanced? When was the first Stimulant chosen? What has happened in our alumni activities during the last years? Who streaked at sitsit? What has actually happened at AS in the last decade? These and many other questions will be answered at the Guild of Automation and systems technology’s 20-year history’s publishing event! Come there and hear what the opus is about and what this 2 year project has included.

History’s godlike publish is 21.11 18 o’clock at OUBS’ Studio in Otaniemi. There will be speeches, reminiscing and unprecedentedly awesome history’s publish! The program naturally contains sparkling wine and small snacks. Arrive at latest at 18:30 to get the full experience of the event.

What: AS’ 20 year history’s publishing
Where: OUBS’ Studio, Jämeräntaival 1
When: 21.11. klo 18-20

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/2145568925703323/

Supporting the history:
(https://www.facebook.com/Automaatioseura/), TTER, Äpy ja Julkku !

Thursday 22.11.

Uraa uurtamAS

English speakers note: This will probably be mostly in Finnish.

What does ASs’ become when they grow up? Is there life after master’s thesis? What happened before all this?

Welcome to the Uraa uurtamAS (Finding a path to career) seminar on the Stimuweek!

Co-organized by the guild of automation and Systems technology and Automaatio- ja systeemitekniikan alumnit ry (AS guild’s Alumni), this relaxed seminar event will tell the current students where the old guild members ended up. The seminar focuses on the persons themselves and on what their personal career path is with all the ups and downs. Every story is unique and all the teachings of all the bends in the path are shareable to the current students.

Does everybody end up as IT-consultant or is it possible there will be a revolutionary development in your personal career path? Does the career development begin during the studies or only after graduating? What courses have been most useful? All these will be answered at Atlantinkatu cabinet on Thursday 22.11. 18 o’clock onwards.

The event is intended for AS’ (AUT+IT) students from 2nd year up.

Pizzas for the participants are provided by Curious AI and other serving by RELEX. Arrive on time, since the pizzas will be ordered according to the people present right at the beginning of the event! After the presentations sauna will be warm, so take a towel with you!

WHAT: Uraa uurtamAS -seminar!
WHERE: Atlantinkatu cabinet, Atlantinkatu 7 A, Helsinki
WHEN: Thursday November 22nd 18 o’clock onward
WHY: Career stories from the old Aluni to the current student, and relaxed social evening.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/2228132960789606/

Friday 23.11.


The guild’s fabulous 20 year anniversary ball. Registration for the ball itself is no longer possible, but:

Did you not get a place at Stimulaatio, but would still like to participate? No worries, we would like some helping hands organizing the event on Friday 23.11. And Saturday 24.11. All voluntary workers get to participate in the overturning after the event! If you have questions or want to come work for only a part of a shift, send a message to @norsu. Register here: http://as.ayy.fi/ilmo/stimulaatioxx.

Saturday 24.11.

Stimulaatio’s herring brunch, AKA Stillis

After the heavy partying one should relax, a herring brunch is a great way to do this.

Helping hands are wanted at Stillis too, more info at http://as.ayy.fi/ilmo/stimulaatioxx.

Sunday 25.11.

Resting day

Every now and then it’s good the rest for the whole day, this sunday is excellent moment to do so.