Hello dear guild members!

The application period for the board and official positions 2019 has been opened! Insctructions and the timetable for the elections can be found in this message.

Current boards proposal for the next years board and official structure can be found at:


Timetable for elections:

  1. Application period opens at the recruitment sauna 08.10
  2. Election panel for the applicants is held 26.10
  3. Elections themselves, where the structures and candidates are decided, is held 31.10

The exact times and places will be announced soon.

You can apply for the positions by posting in guilds forum. The application should have a well describing title (eg. “Chairperson of the board 2019”) and in it you should explain why you would good for that position. The applications are open for questions and we strongly recommend the applicants to respond to the posed questions.

You can get your forum credentials from https://as.ayy.fi/auth/register

For an official position, apart from board, committee leadership positions and freshmen committee, you can apply at http://bit.ly/toimari-ilmo.

Note for English speaking guild members:
The association law puts some restrictions on the language that needs to be used in board activities. Thus it is strongly recommended that the board members be fluent in written Finnish language.

The listed committees and the roles within them are just a vision of the board of 2018. We want to remind you that the final structure and applicant selection is decided by the guild assembly. If you have a strong and justifiable vision to change something, you can bring it up with the guild assembly, preferably in advance on the forums. Remember that the proposal must have at least one supporter, to be processed in the guild assembly.

Proposals can also be discussed with the current board, that will consider including good proposals in their final proposal, which has traditionally guided the final form of the structure heavily.

On behalf of the board of 2018

Aku Viitanen
Chairman of the board