Student Societies & Activism

AVP Workshop
Wednesday, 25th of April
1pm - 3pm @ AVP Space

Have you ever wondered what all the fuss with student societies and activism is about? Why do people seem so engaged with different kinds of societies? What do you actually benefit from being active in societies?

This session is run by Heikki Koponen, a seasoned activist veteran, who has held the positions of president of Prodeko (2013), vice president of the Student Union AYY (2015) and president of the National Union of University Students in Finland SYL (2016). Heikki graduated recently and is currently working as project director at the Finnish Institute of Technology, founded last Fall.

This workshop will focus on student societies, their purpose and the benefits of being active in student societies. More specifically, the session is based on Heikki’s Master’s thesis work on the learning that happens in student activism.

WHAT: AVP Masterclass – Student Societies & Activism
WHEN: 25.4, 1pm – 3pm
WHERE: AVP Space, Maarintie 8

For more information, check out the Facebook event and click attending: HERE