Diplomityötä ei enää tarvitse kansittaa

Diplomitöiden kansittamisesta on luovuttu. Valmiista diplomityöstä ei siis enää tarvitse toimittaa kansitettuja kappaleita opintotoimistoon, vaan asiointijärjestelmään tallennettu tiedosto diplomityöstä riittää.

Master’s theses and final projects no longer need to be submitted in hardbound copies

Until now, students have been required to submit two hardbound copies of their Master’s theses to the Students Services at the time of applying for the approval of their theses. This practice, however, is now discontinued and no hardbound copies need to be submitted any longer. In other words, as you apply for the approval of your thesis in eAge system, digital copy of your thesis attached to the online application form is sufficient.

This also applies to the exchange students’ final projects. You only have to submit the electronic version of the project in eAge, and no hardbound copies need to be submitted.