What is a Venture Capitalist looking for in an Enterprise?

Thank you all for attending the previous workshop. It was a success! Luckily, the next Masterclass is already in a week - on Wednesday, 14th of March!

Entrepreneurs are looking for funding from venture capitalists but tend not to know enough about, how the venture capital investment process actually works?

Join us to the Masterclass by Andreas Stenius to learn about the valuation of an enterprise from the VC’s and the entrepreneur’s perspective. We will also focus on the risk and return, managing the fundraising process, governance and shareholders’ agreements and most importantly, what value - if any - will the VC bring on top of the cash?

For more information, check out the Facebook event If you are joining us, click attending: HERE

WHAT: AVP Wednesday Workshop - What Venture Capitalists look for?
WHEN: 14.3, 1pm - 3pm
WHERE: AVP Space; Maarintie 8, Otaniemi (2nd floor)

See you next Wednesday!

Cheers, AVP Team