Digital Systems and Design

This major covers a range of interdisciplinary topics relevant in the development and design of complex digital systems. It addresses the industry-relevant fields of electrical engineering and automation, computer, communication, and information sciences, as well as electronics. Students of the major will acquire competence in a range of techniques covering the broad areas of mathematics, modeling and analysis of signals and systems, and electronics.


Finnish law dictates that university administration must include student representees. These administrator student representees are called Hallopeds. They are ordinary students who partake in university committees such as Academic committee, Study committee and many other groups in university administration.

These committees work on, what courses are included in your studies, they accept the theses, fill administrative roles and decide on funding. Study committees also officially grant you the titles of bachelors or master. There are additional committees, which work on the quality of studies/courses and internationalization of university.

You can find the list of Guild’s hallopeds below.


Pinja Mäkeläinen

Meri Hiipakka

Aino Valkama

Santeri Sipilä

Emil Huttunen

Lucas Käldström

Henri Toivola

Marcell Berta

Arttu Pohja

Frans Welin