Full guild membership can be admitted to any member of AYY. As a member of the guild you get: vote in guildmeetings, the right to join in guild events and to use the guildroom and access to the guild’s mailinglists. You can get membership by following the guide below.

New student

New students of Automation and Information technology program do not have to separately apply for guild membership, paying the membership fee is enough. AS-guilds membership fee is easiest to pay along the AYY’s semester enrollment. If you haven’t paid the membership fee along the semester enrollment, you can pay it according to guide below.

New full member

You can apply for full guild membership by a freeform letter, an email to the guild board or by filling the membership application below.

The application must contain at least the person’s first and last name, email address, home town and whether or not the person is member of AYY. Additionally street address and good reasons why the person wants to become member of AS. The membersip will be verified when the membership fee is paid according to guide below.

Membership renewal

If you already are a member of the guild and want to renew your membership, paying the guild fee along the semester enrollment or directly to guild’s account according to guide below is sufficient. The due date of the guild fees is the last day of September and it warrants a membersip for the academic year.¨

Old member

Guild’s old membership can be applied by a person, who has been a full guild member but is no longer member of AYY. You can apply for old membership by a letter or email to the guild’s board. Old members do not have to pay the guild fee.

Associate membership

Guild’s associate membership can be applied by a person, who’s interested in the guild’s functions, but can not be accepted as a full or old member. Associate membership can be applied by the same methods as full membership and the membership fee is the same.

Membership application