The Guild of Automation and Systems Technology is the guild for students majoring in Automation and Control Engineering or Information Technology at Aalto University. It arranges different kinds of events for its members and develops individuals to have a strong skillset as professionals and identity as students of technology. AS also aims to represent its members in the university’s administration and encourages them to follow their professional and social interests.


Our guildroom ASki is located in TUAS-building’s first floor, at the end of a corridor behind the library. ASki’s name (‘matchbox’) come from the early days of the guild, when the guildroom was a tiny room in the T-building. In 2003 when TUAS-building was opened, ASki moved in where it currently is. The grand opening was held on the anniversary week November 17th 2003 and nowadays ASki’s birthday is celebrated around that date.

ASki is the livingroom of the guild members, where one can spend time between lectures by, for example, playing board- and videogames and reading magazines. There have also been sightings of somebody actually studying there. ASki’s small kiosk serves the guild member and you can get, in addition to coffee and tea, snacks for smaller or larger hunger from there.

The committee of ASki, Guardians of ASki lead by the Master of ASki, is in charge of usage, filling of the cabinets and overall order of ASki. If you have any development ideas or problems involving ASki, the committee is the right place to contact. Contact informations can be find under Committees page

ASki also contains the guilds storage room, from which the board and the members of the Committee of ASki can sell guild’s overall badges, songbook and other items.

The Board


Severi Casserly

The chairman leads the guild’s board and represents the guild; they are ultimately responsible for keeping the guild’s activities on track. Contact the Chairman if your matter concerns the guild or if you don’t know whom to contact.


Ville Eronen

The treasure is responsible for taking care of the guild’s finances, for instance, paying bills and bookkeeping. Contact the treasure in the financial matters.


Jaakko Majuri

The secretary is responsible for writing the minutes of the board meetings and guild meetings. In addition, they manage the guild’s membership register and look after the archive. Contact the Secretary in the matters of the guild’s membership fee.

Master of Communications

Niina Tapanainen

The Master of Communication keeps guild members informed about various events and other interesting and important matters. They take care of the guild’s channels of communication, email lists, calendar and website, in addition to which they also send a weekly bulletin that explain what is happening and where. Contact the Master of Communication when you want to share information to the guild members.

Freshman Captain

Lassi Ihalainen

The Freshman Captain is responsible for all freshman wellbeing and freshman events. They organize events for freshmen with other guild members, the University and other Freshman Captains. Collaborates closely with the Tutor Coordinator.

International Student Captain

Mikko Hokkanen

The International Student Captain is responsible of the international students and the international matters of the guild. They collaborate closely with Freshman Captain. Contact the International Student Captain if you are confused international student or if your matter concerns international affairs.


Vesta Kulomaa

The Host arranges various events together with the hostess for the guild members. Together with Hostess they lead the Entertainment Committee and work towards even better events. Contact the Host or the Hostess if your matter concerns a guild event.


Alex Korpela

The Hostess arranges various events together with the hostess for the guild members. Together with Host they lead the Entertainment Committee and work towards even better events. Contact the Hostess or the Host if your matter concerns a guild event.

Master of Studies

Akseli Konttas

The Master of Studies maintains communications between the guild and the university. They also work as the contact person for the guild’s trustees and represent students in the meetings of the university’s governing body. Contact the Master of Studies if your matter has to do with your studies or school in general.

Head of Corporate Relations

Jyri Kolu

The head of Corporate Relations leads the corporate relations committee. They advance the reputation and credit of the guild among the corporations by collaborating with them. They also organize excursions, events and sponsorships. Contact the Head of Corporate Relations if your matter concerns corporate relations.

Master of Culture

Juhana Kekoni

The Master of Culture maintains the external relations with student organisations across Finland and builds new ones. They lead the Culture and Sports Committee, organise various happenings, cultural excursions and events to test different sports. Contact the Master of Culture if your matter concerns culture in any way.