To minimize COVID19 spread, all AS events need to follow these instructions:

  • Every event has mandatory enrollment. Partaking in events without enrolling is forbidden.
  • Downloading of “Koronavilkku” app is highly recommended before attending any guild event.
  • You may not take part in events if you feel sick at all. Enrollments are binding by basis. However, if you get sick please inform the organizer to remove your enrollment and to get a refund. These practices will be considered on a case by case basis with Stimulaatio.
  • If you are diagnosed with COVID19, give the event organizers contact information to the authorities tracking the contamination routes. Event organizer will then give out the contact details of all event attendees to the authorities so that everyone exposed can be notified.
  • Remember to take care of hygiene in events. Wash your hands and use hand disinfectant, keep safe distance from others, avoid needless queuing, don’t drink from communal bottles or cups.
  • Any guild event organizer is required to enclose in the event information, if the event contains increased infection risk factors:
    • Event is indoors or outdoors in such a space, that keeping safe distances to other people is not always possible
    • There are lacking possibilities for hand washing or disinfecting
    • There will be activities that increase infection risk, such as singing or drinking games
    • Available food is not prepared by professionals

Everyone who attends guild events commits to rules written above. Event organisers have the right to remove a person from the event, who breaks these rules. These instructions stand until otherwise informed.